Modern Luxury: Into the Wild Picks

The new regional menus at this chic hangout on U Street have spanned the continents, with five to eight drinks influenced by the culture, flavor profiles and regional culinary traditions of New Orleans; Mexico; and the latest iteration, Paris. “We use inspirations, ingredients and spirits to create an experience honoring and reflecting a chosen region—and bring a small piece of it to you,” says co-owner and bartender Glendon Hartley, who runs the cocktail program along with Chad Spangler.

Lots More Info on the “Cocktail-Focused Neighborhood Bar” coming to U Street: “Service Bar DC is on pace to open mid-August 2016”

The bar’s concept yields from the service industry’s well-known “service bar” where the goal is to make a large number, and variety of cocktails, quickly and well. SBDC aims to define what is to be a casual, neighborhood cocktail bar with high quality cocktails, and a price range that says “see you back here tomorrow.” Featured highlights include an all-day happy hour menu with $7 Cocktails, $7 Pop & Ponies, buy-one-get-one shots and a “snug room”, modeled after the small, private drinking rooms of the 18th century Scottish and British pub culture.